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All about African Alara Nework


On the 5th of December 2017, the African edition of the ALARA network was formally created at the side event of the IAEA/ILO Joint Regional Workshop on Occupational Radiation Protection in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The ALARA network is an important initiative for promoting radiation protection optimization in the Member States. It was agreed upon to refer to this new network as AFRICAN ALARA NETWORK (AFAN). The creation of AFAN is the outcome of the Regional Coordination Meeting of the IAEA Regional Technical Cooperation Project RAF9057 that took place in Dakar, Senegal in February 2017. During this coordination meeting it was decided to create an ALARA network in the African region to share ideas and exchange information on occupational radiation protection. 

Prior to the formation of the network, the Working Group Meeting to Establish the African Regional ALARA Network was held in Vienna from 10 to12 October 2017. A team composed of eight experts from the Member States in the African region and one from France was constituted as a working group with the objective to identify the challenges on radiation protection optimization and to draft the Terms and Conditions for the Network. A draft version of the Terms and Conditions was circulated to member states for their input, in both English and French language. So far 25 Member States have joined the network.


The main objectives of the Network are the following:

  • To share and exchange information, experience and expertise for promoting the implementation of the ALARA principle for the management of occupational exposure in all situations, in the participating countries.
  • To enhance and develop skills and competences in occupational radiation protection for the different stakeholders concerned, in particular through proposals for appropriate training programmes.
  • To contribute to the harmonization of radiation protection policies and practices, particularly concerning ALARA, both at regulatory and operational levels across the region.



The composition of the executive team:

Tunisia – Chair 
Morocco – Vice Chair for French-speaking countries 
Tanzania – Vice Chair for English-speaking countries 
Ghana – Secretary-Treasurer

Ghana has offered to host the secretariat and website of the network at the Radiation Protection Institute of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.