Ten Points for RS Culture in HERT Sector

What constitutes a good approach to radiation safety culture?

The following points could be used to incorporate suitable questions into general inspection regimes, to develop metrics for inclusion in Standards, and to input into training at all levels. Each ‘Culture factor’ has a number of suggested performance indicators that might be used to assess it.

1. Engagement of Management

Senior management understand their role and responsibility in relation to radiation safety
There exists a clear management structure for radiation safety with link to Executive Board (or equivalent)
The radiation safety policy contains clear descriptions of management responsibilities and how these are audited
Evidence of clear communication between staff on radiation safety issues…..
These ten points for Radiation Safety Culture in HERT was proposed by IRPA, Task Group for RS Culture in HERT, Headed Prof. Peter Cole, Acting President of AURPO
Please if you have any comments or suggestions send to Dr. Francis Otoo, Member, IRPA TG HERT, (kwaotoo@yahoo.com or f.otoo@gaecgh.org).